Gunsmith pricing

Muzzle Breaks: ( Warning: Muzzle breaks increase noise and should only be used with ear protection.)
Muzzle breaks added to a rifle, for stainless rifles.   $250.00                                                Includes threading barrel, installing break as show in pictures, refinishing barrel
to a polished finish or bead blasted finish, or can be ceracoated for an additional cost. ($50.00)  Return shipping not included.  Plus Tax.

Muzzle breaks added to a blued rifle barrel.             $ 300.00
Same as above except reblue barreled action, Ceracoating  or Parkerizing.

Other types of Breaks.  Please call for a quote.

Threading barrels for a break or flash hider.  Barreled action completely stripped 


Dissemble rifle and thread barrel.    $100.00

Cleaning and repair of many types of firearms.        $75.00
Doubles and Over Unders.   $ 150.00                    

This odes not include parts and return shipping and Tax.

There are too many different procedures within the heading of Gunsmithing to list them all.  Please call to discuss your need.

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