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 After serving three years in the Army as Company ( demo-man), short for Demolitions-explosives-drill and blast-heavy equipment and company Armorer, I  spent two years at the University of Tennessee at Chattanooga  where I realized my true love of metal working.  So I took my lovely wife and moved to Trinidad Colorado to attend Gunsmith School, the year was 1979. There I had the privilege of studying the fine skills of Custom Gun Building, filing, polishing, bluing, stock making, checkering, barreling and engraving.  I literally absorbed every class, every lecture.  I had never been in a place before that I felt so at home.  After graduating from Trinidad State Junior College in 1982 we moved to Louisiana where my wife is from, and have been working full time as gunsmith and engraver to the present.

I have had several opportunities to return to Trinidad for advanced study.  Once to study gold inlay engraving under the master engraver Sam Welch.  Another time to study engraving from another master and tremendous artist Tim George.  My last trip to Trinidad was in 2004 when I was asked to teach the two week summer Basic Engraving Class in the same building where  24 years earlier I had first studied engraving under Neil Hartliep who was a fine engraver and gentleman.  Neil was instrumental in starting the NRA Summer Engraving program.

I have been very fortunate to have my work published in the Art of the Engraver section of the Gun Digest years: 1992, 93, 94, 95, 96, 97, 2000, 2002, and 2006. 

In 1991 the late Frank deHass was working on an article that I was mentioned in 
About shortening a Mauser action.  I installed a swing safety and cock on open conversion that I was manufacturing at the time on the action, and his article was published in Gun World Magazine, June 1993. 

About that same time I was very involved with the late Virgil Davis who wrote the book Gunstock Woods and other Fine Timbers.  There are five guns in the book that I either stocked or engraved.  The Book is out of print and copies are no longer available.

In 1998 I engraved a Ruger # 1 for the Dallas Safari Convention as a donation for their annual fund raiser.  Stan Trzoniec wrote about the project in Rifle Magazine, Custom Corner, Jan/Feb 1999 issue.

I engraved a Colt 45 Auto for John Taffin in 1999. John mentioned the gun in several articles American Handgunner Jan/Feb 2000, Mar/April 2005, July/Aug 2006, as well as in his book Big Bore Handguns.
In the beginning of 2006 my wife and I began classes in Ball Room Dancing, this has been great fun and now that the children are all on their own a great pass time.  Since then my wife, Carrie, has obtained here own dance studio and teaches all of the Ballroom styles of dance.

In 2001 I began selling Metal buildings and Carports on the side and it has become a major part of my business.  I have been very happy to represent Caroling Carport Company.

Within the last 15 years the demand for gun repair has consumed my time, and I have taken in less custom gun building and engraving.

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